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Math to prove science

  1. Oct 26, 2015 #1

    A physics friend of mine said that there is mathematical evidence that the world is a hologram. From what I understand this means that the world is closer to light or the workings of a computer than what we usually think matter to be. However, my question is what math has to do with trying to prove this theory. Math can measure physical motions, but I don't understand how it can be show to prove a theory like this. I also came across a similar theory that said basically if we can create a black hole, this would prove that there are other worlds in other dimensions and that math backs this up. Is the only explanation of this human accomplishment other dimensions? And what has math to do with the demonstration? Thanks very much
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    There is not, and there cannot be mathematical evidence what the world "is". All we can make are physical models and philosophical [censored].
    It does not.

    "A friend said" and "I read somewhere" are not reliable sources.
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    Mathematics can be created which is perfectly logical and consistent, but whether this mathematics describes physical reality is inherently a physical question.

    In other words, whether or not the real world obeys our mathematics is a question which is beyond mathematics (and so to say "there is mathematical evidence that the world is like this" is nonsense).
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