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Math Typesetting

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    In general (not specifically for forums), what are the different math typesettings? I know there is LaTeX, but I have also seen something that looks different on sites such as MathWorld. Does anyone know what it is?
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    probably MathML which is a horrid mess to look at. it is an XML language so it has lots of open and close tags that are nested.

    sorry, but I like the much more consice \alpha^2 \times \beta^2 = \gamma^2

    [tex]\alpha^2 \times \beta^2 = \gamma^2[/tex]
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    Mathworld uses Mathematica to typeset its pages nowadays. For some odd reason they downgraded from LaTeX...
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    Ok thanks. Is Mathematica compatible with Linux?
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    Wolfram's probably pushing for sales.
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    Yes, you can't help feeling that the W3C were far more concerned about it looking like their other languages than actually making it easy for mathematicians.
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    What is needed is a LaTeX to MathML converter. then you could have a simple little app that you type out your formula in latex and copy and past the mathML
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    there is: itex2mml and tex4moz
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    So MathWorld actually went back and changed their articles (from LaTeX to Mathematica sybols)? I could have sworn it looked different a while back...
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