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Math typing

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    looking for a good suggestion on what to use to create math text documents
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    Learn TeX and subsequently use any processor whatsoever for translate it to .PDF . Commercial products are way easier to begin with, (they wrap the TeX language in with nice and accessible GUIs) but they cost money.

    There are several open source solutions for it though. There is nothing which beats LaTeX for scientific editing IMO. Natural math notation, abstracts, cross-referencing, indexing , bibliographies... you name it. Most processing systems also offer a lot of templates for documents, including the templates used by most prominent peer review journals.

    Its the best solution by far, and widely used in academia. Learn it.
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    First do THESE THINGS(in order):
    1. Download MikTex: http://miktex.org/

    2. Download LyX: http://www.lyx.org/

    (It doesn't cost you a dime)

    LyX is a processor for TeX/LaTeX/AMS-LaTeX, etc. which is easy to learns and it looks beautiful. Many(most/all?) high level math/physics books are written using some kind of TeX/LaTeX program.

    LyX can do almost anything a raw LaTeX editor can, but without the pain. I actually know someone who can type LaTeX code like he can type normal sentences.

    Good luck writing!
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    Thanks, i would also recomend TeXnicCenter, a nice gui for miktex, though opensource is heavily windows oriented , it comes with an extensive latex manual, and its also has cute point and click ui plus the normal text editor ... And more.
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    These softwares are great!!!!
    (Thats cause I dont know to type math into documents)
    Hey ,
    I forgot!!
    Thanks A lot!!!
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