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Math vs. Applied Math

  1. Nov 2, 2011 #1
    I'm a physics major, but I want to do a dual major in either Math or Applied math.

    Basically the requirements are almost the same, except applied math requires one less and two more courses than the math major. I'd be taking the same electives either way (ODE, PDE, Linear Algebra, complex variables...).

    I'm wondering, from a hireability standpoint, does either one look better? My guess is that companies probably would find applied math a bit more appealing. Honestly it really just boils down to title, but just curious about some peoples opinions.
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    Hey pergradus.

    If you do a subject where you have to do math where a major component involves using a software package like MATLAB, SAS or otherwise, and have to write reports, maybe give a presentation to the class and explain things in ways that non-experts can understand, then that will give you some good preparation or job interviews in my opinion.

    Basically anything be it a major assignment or a project that goes from problem to solution with using mathematics to come to a conclusion and to tell someone at the other end what it all means without going over their heads is a sure winner because that is what you actually do in those kind of situations.

    If this is not the kind of thing you had in mind, then that would change things but again we would need specifics to give you better advice (people here at PF).
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