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Math vs Physics

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    Okey, I have this dilemma that I dont know which one to focus on in my university studies. So please come with arguments why i should choose math, or why i should choose physics (i think im most into physics, but im still not 100% sure). I find the subjects equally fun and intresting, but in different ways (mathematics have very fascinating and elegant solutions/problems and proofs, but physics are dealing with the real world and therefor are interesting in its own way). So convince me! :)
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    Well to me, math seems to detached from reality. Besides that, it's hard (I say this as someone with a math degree). The introductory level courses, namely the calculus sequence, are very different from the "real" math courses that you'll take your second two years of college. I've personally found it very difficult to follow and reproduce the logic that goes into mathematical proofs. Physics, on the other hand, is something I can understand. Even abstract topics like advanced quantum mechanics have some basis in reality. So while I might get lost in the jargon of unitary and Bogoliubov transformations, occupation number representation, Hilbert spaces, etc., everything has at least some physical basis for me to understand. That's why I became a physicist instead of a mathematician. Plus, the great thing about being in experimental physics is that you get to build cool stuff from time to time.

    Having said that, I'm not necessarily trying to convince you to do physics. You should do whatever you want. But these are just my reasons for being in physics rather than math.
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    My school offers a Mathematical Physics program, so it might be a good idea to check if your school does too. From your post it seems that you like both, so why not do both?
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