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  1. So I was, in my pure innocense, googling for math word problems. Little did I know I'd only find word problems for kindergarten.

    Anyone got a good site for intermediate (17-21) word problems? Or just math problems in general? :D
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  3. Depends.

    What type of math course/person is it for?

    Some people here are math prodigies:biggrin:
  4. I don't think googling math word problems will help in google search. We have to be more specific for the type of the problem. For example; if we google fractions division word problems it google shows some good sites having grade 6 or higher word problems in math.
    So the key is to more specific in google.
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    What exactly was your search criteria? If you add "algebra" or "algebra 2" to your search, that would probably bring things up to high school algebra level.
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    A site (like a website) is not necessary. Many Basic Arithmetic, Algebra 1, and Algebra 2 books have plenty of word problems. You could maybe find a few nice comparable word problems on .
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