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Mathematic software

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    do you guys know any free mathematical software that can help me find the area under a graph which cant be intergarted using just a level skills.

    i already checked autograph but it kinda sucks and i looked other forums but didnt find a thing about this.
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    Maxima can do it - it has QUADPACk built in. It also does symbolic integration, and while isn't nearly as good as Mathematica, it is free and may surprise you!

    Octave is also a free software package that can do numerical integration. It is like matlab, only less polished.

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    the thing is i downloaded the maxema and it doesnt seem to work on my computer can i have link please???

    and that octav one i couldnt get to draw the graph i have unfortunatly. if u do know how i can get it to draw a trig graph can u tell me ???
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    thanks mate but how can i get it to find the area under the graph from 0-pi
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