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Mathematica 2D itteration

  1. May 30, 2012 #1
    here is the pseudo java (processing) code I'm trying to run

    Code (Text):

    float x0,y0,x,y,t;

    x0 = 2; //arbitrary value
    y0 = 5; //arbitrary value

    x = x0;
    y = y0;

    for(int t = 1; t <= 100; t++){   //one hundred iterations
        t =atan2(y,x);
        x += cos(t);
        y += sin(t);

        print( x, y)

    I'm trying to run something more complex than this, but the code above shows the main point where I can't convert standard "for loop" programming to mathemitica.

    please help me write an equivalent code in mathematica.
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  3. May 31, 2012 #2
    Perhaps better posted in the Math and Science Software section.

    Note/Warning: read
    for information on the order of arguments in ArcTan to tell
    whether you need ArcTan[x,y] or ArcTan[y,x].

    x0 = 2;
    y0 = 5;
    x = x0;
    y = y0;
    For[t = 1, t <= 100, t++,
    t = ArcTan[y,x];
    x += Cos[t];
    y += Sin[t];
    Print[ x," ",y];
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