Mathematica Mathematica- adjusting FrameTicks option


I want to plot the data in Mathematica

data={{0.608, 0.05}, {0.43, 0.1}, {0.304, 0.2}, {0.248, 0.3}, {0.215, 
  0.4}, {0.192, 0.5}}
I am trying to use ListLinePlot. The problem does not say to use any particular command.
But I chose ListLinePlot.... Here is the code I am using.

ListLinePlot[data, InterpolationOrder -> 3,
 Frame -> True, PlotRange -> {0.01, 0.505}, ImageSize -> 450,
 FrameLabel -> {{"P (Martian atm)", None}, {"V (Martian L)", None}},
 FrameTicks -> {{{0.1, .2, .3, .4, .5}, Automatic}, {Automatic, 
the output I get is shown in output.jpg

But I need the output as shown in correct.jpg...

So how do I modify my program. This is a problem from Patrick Tam's book on mathematica.


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