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Mathematica assign derivative

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    Hi. A quick mathematica question. If I compute a derivative using D[f[x],x], how can I assign this result to another function, e.g. I want g[x]=f'[x] using the D-notation. Thanks.
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    This what you mean?

    In[1]:= j = x^2

    Out[1]= x^2

    In[2]:= e = D[j, x]

    Out[2]= 2 x

    In[3]:= f = D[e, x]

    Out[3]= 2

    In[4]:= ff = D[f, x]

    Out[4]= 0
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    g[x_] = D[f[x], x]

    Note the underscore in g[x_].

    (Alternatively, you could just do g = f')
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