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Mathematica bug?

  1. Mar 27, 2005 #1
    I have

    f[x_] := ax+b/2x+d

    and I get


    instead of


    Assuming the above, my answer, is correct, why does mathemetica give me its answer? Is it interpreting one of the variables as some kind of weird constant?
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    no one has any idea what might be wrong?
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    You're not using parentheses properly. The / operator has a higher precedence than the + operator. Try:

    f[x_] := (ax+b)/(2x+d)

    - Warren
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    Oops, nevermind. The problem is that Mathematica thinks "ax," without spaces, is a variable unto itself, different from either a or x. You need to use either spaces or the * operator to indicate multiplication:

    f[x_] := (a*x+b)/(2x+d)

    - Warren
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    Which answer is yours and which answer is mathematica's.

    The answer I get is the ad-2b/(d+2x)^2, the -2(ax+b)/(d+2x)^2 comes from doing only half of the quotient rule equation.

    EDIT: Or just follow the advice above :tongue:
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    that makes sense. thanks a lot. I'm seeing how delicate things have to be formated. For instance, I just ran into another thing where I realized that my trig functions have to have bracketed variable inputs (Cos [x]) as opposed to Cos (x) which is something else.
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