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Mathematica: Duplex Printing from button inside DialogNotebook on Mac

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    I have the following code which generates a window containing the variable PrintOut and a Print button. When the print button is pressed the contents of the window are sent to the printer and simultaneously a pdf is generated.

    Code (Text):
    PrintOut = "Some stuff - plots, tables etc.";

            DialogReturn[NotebookPrint[PrintOut, "filename.pdf"];
              CreateDocument[PrintOut, Visible -> False,
               PageHeaders -> {{"a", "b", DateString[]}, {"a", "b",
                  DateString[]}}]]]], CancelButton[]}]}]],
      ShowStringCharacters -> False,
      WindowTitle -> "This Window " <> DateString[]];
    The problem arises when PrintOut contains enough stuff to be spread over multiple pages. I wish to have the pages print on both sides but can't figure out how to do it.

    I have the print settings within MMA set to duplex and when I print a notebook using the front end I get duplex but it does not work for DialogNotebook. I am using MMA8

    Help appreciated.
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