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Mathematica EinS package

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    Hi all,
    There's a mathematica package called EinS... it's used for tensor calculations... has anybody of you tried it before? Is it useful? Do you have any idea how I could get it? Thank you in advance.
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    hi Matt, thanks for ur suggestion. i already found this page but i couldn't download from it. anyways, i downloaded another package for tensor calculation called Ricci. I tried to access it using <<Ricci.m, but it's not working. could you or anyone else help me please? thanks a lot
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    I am not sure about the Ricci program but I have one called wxMaxima running on my computer. It can be used to compute/manipulate tensors. How to use it is outlined in a free textbook from Light and Matter.

    Here is a link to the free textbook.


    In this book there are examples of how to use wxMaxima. You will need to download one other package but the details are outlined in various examples throughout the textbook.

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