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Mathematica Evaluation Time

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    I am interested whether it is normal for the program Mathematica to eat 99% from my CPU when evaluating a notebook. Well, it is not just some notebook, but a notebook that contains five matrices, 63 520 entries each.
    It would be grate, if somebody has some information on this topic.
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    If you are running evaluations on these matrices that then doesn't sound too unlikely. If you aren't then it shouldn't eat up any processor power once they have been loaded, but would probably take up a chunk of ram.
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    I had the same thing happen on my computer. It's probably fairly normal.

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    Thank you!
    I spent some time yesterday reading posts and articles about Mathematica, and there was a guy who claimed to had waited for a notebook evaluation about 20 min. :bugeye:
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    .... if you for example start building longer scripts in mathematica it's not that uncommon and using Mathematica efficiently becomes important. Personally for example when doing post-processing of PDEs solved numerically we queue the drives as server batch jobs to appropriate hardware since notebooks can't really handle them.
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