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  1. I want mathematica to evaluate a certain expression (see attached) assuming that n is an integer. The answer is far from what it produces. Maple produces the right answer but I don't have access to it.

    The expression is


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  3. You need to put a space between your n and x. Mathematica is treating nx as a single variable, which explains the funky result.
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    One other thing to try...I don't have Mathematica in front of me here at work, but I do remember also reading an article about Mathematica getting into a bit of trouble in some cases when using the sybolic integration sign. If Stephan's tip doesn't help, you may try using "Integrate" instead of the symbolic operator.
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    Use '*' everywhere, to avoid possible problems. Doesn't look nice, though, but nevermind.
  6. The error was the missing *. Thanks for the help.
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    Yes. But note that, as someone above stated, you can simply use the space bar instead of '*'. Mathematica will produce a small space between the two object that are multiplied.
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