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Mathematica Help

  1. Nov 4, 2006 #1
    I need mathematica to plot

    [tex]y=\frac{(a_0+a_1)\beta}{\beta^2-a_0a_1}[/tex] by assuming that [tex]a_0<0,a_1<0,-a_0-a_1<a_0a_1\pi[/tex].

    by telling it to ignore the singularities, etc, but it keeps telling me that beta is not a machine sized real number at blah.

    Also, how do I specify a range (ie, y from -10 to 10) in Mathematica?

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    the problem is that you're using the constants that aren't numbers. i don't think mathematica will do that. use the help browser for plot, i think the command should be something like [Plot, function, {x,a,b}, {c,d}] or something like that, where the things in the fancy brakets give yr range/domain. i hate mathematica, so double check in the help browser.
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    So I'd have to set a0 and a1 to some fixed real value? This defeats the purpose of my trying to solve a PDE using graphical methods.
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