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Mathematica Help!

  1. Jun 20, 2010 #1
    Hi, Guys
    Can someone help me about this question?
    I am trying to use Mathematica to plot all the functions: y=k-x/k for all -10<k<10 with interval of 0.1
    what I wrote is like this:

    However, because the function doesn't have meaning when k=0.

    So how can I type the comment to eliminate k=0
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  3. Jun 20, 2010 #2
    I cheated and tried this: Plot[Table[{k - x/k, -k + x/k}, {k, 1, 10, 1}], {x, -10, 10}]
  4. Jun 22, 2010 #3
    You could also try this:
  5. Jun 25, 2010 #4
    HAHA,many thanks for all
    I have just discovered that it's even better if type in:
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