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I want to plot this polynomial:
Q10[x_] := c* (1 - (t - x)^2)^10

I defined variable 't' in f(t) and 'x' in the polynomial Q10[x].
how can I plot this polynomials with variebles x and t? the range-interval will be (for both x and t): [0,1].

can you write the code please...

Edit: by the way, c~ 3.1. it will be less than Square root[10]
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Is this anything like what you are trying to accomplish?

c = 3.1;
Q10[c_,x_,t_] := c*(1 - (t - x)^2)^10;
Plot3D[Q10[c,x,t], {x, 0, 1}, {t, 0, 1}, ViewPoint->{-1.2, -2.4, 2}]
Thanks Bill,
I figured it out. I needed to plot in coordinate system, R^2.
actually i didn't give all the details. i tried to use two variables to plot two functions in R^2 but it is not possible. I decreased to one variable and problem was solved.
Thanks for help. at least I got some idea about 3D plot ;)

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