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Mathematica or maple software

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    Hi all, I'm currently searching for downloadable maple/mathematica software, do any of you know where I could go online to find one? If I were to buy one, how much would it typically cost?
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    Mathematica is about $1800....

    but if you're a student, its $140... which makes me wonder if its a dumbed down version or something... even though nothing seems dumbed down when I use it.
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    Student edition downloaded is $99 US. It's the same as the pro version, but I think the pro version comes with more manuals and costs more (I don't know offhand how much more). There's also a limited term licence for less cash.

    iirc the student version of mathematica has the same functionality as the full one, but your licence is temporary and i think it prints a watermark. Their website should know all:

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