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Mathematica pooping up

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    This seems to be a unanimous opinion that Mathematica enjoys screwing up after a while. It seems like everyone has had the problem where the Mathematica kernel will just start screwing up left and right. Like just now, i had a function defined f[t_]={some parametric equation} and a g[s_] with another aprametric equation. Well I try to find where the lines intersect and the kernel starts screwing up saying something about a point (4,-1,2) or possibly a vector with similar numbers. Now I clear and remove the function and its still there. I call up the function f[t] and it has that stupid point or vector in it and not the new function i defined. The g however came out perfectly. It seems like many many people come across problems like this when using mathematica for a long session. You inevitably have to restart the program to get the kernel functioning correctly again.

    So the point i'm trying to get to is why does Mathematica seem to fail for so many people after using it for long sessions? And have other people come upon this (because i sure know a lot who have)?
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