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Mathematica - Positioning Graphics

  1. Mar 14, 2010 #1
    Hey there,

    I am having a difficult time getting an inset graphic to align properly. Essentially I am trying to create two sets of plots, both have the radial function with some graphics inset at the top right corner. The first set has the density plots inset, and as can be seen in the first attachment I was able to do this dynamically (i.e. it works for any wavefn.).

    In the second set, I am looking to inset the actual radial function equation for the given quantum numbers. As can be seen in the 2nd attachment,I am able to pin the center of them to the top right corner of my plot, but this isn't what I want. Like the first set of plots, I want the entire thing to be visible and correctly aligned with the top right hand corner of the plot, and I want it to do this dynamically. I can of course do this manually, but since I am going to create a graphics array with many different combination of quantum numbers, it is important that it is done dynamically.

    Any ideas?? Thanks y'all

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