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Mathematica Problem

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    I just got Mathematica last night and am trying to use it for the first time. I'm trying to plot a graph [tex] f(x)=K(1-x)^{\frac{-3}{8}} [/tex] but it's not working right. I tried first with K = 325 (for physical reasons) and the graph started negative at x=0. If I choose K to be almost anything other than 325 the graph starts at 0 which is also wrong. The command I gave was Plot[325(1-x)^(-3/8), {x,0,0.9}]. Did I do something wrong?
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    download the following software which is much more easier than mathematica
    http://www.grapheeasy.com/download/ge2en.exe [Broken]
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    Are you sure it starts at 0?
    Or does it start at the crossing of the axes? Look carefully if the intersection point is indeed (0, 0), and not (0, 325).
    If you insist on having it in the origin, usr

    Code (Text):

    Plot[325(1-x)^(-3/8), {x,0,0.9}, AxesOrigin->{0, 0}]
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    Thanks that solves the problem. I'm really new at this so I'm still trying to get used to it all.
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