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Mathematica: Quantum Algebra package

  1. Apr 28, 2004 #1

    Does anybody knows good quantum algebra package for Mathematica ?
    I'm currently using the package of Cesar Augusto Guerra, but it supports only Mathematica 4.1-4.2 and does not handle well non-operators, thus messing up the simplification proccess of the equations.

    In any case, does anyone has te demo/instruction file
    Code (Text):
    of this package.

    Thanks ahead.
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    I can not answer neither, but... do you mean quantum algebra in the sense of arxiv/q-alg or quantum algebra in the sense of arxiv/quant-ph?
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    When I say Quantum Algebra I mean: Non-Commutative operators algebra + Dirac notation.
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    OK. I asked because modernly QA refers also to all the theory of "quantum lie algebras and quantum groups" which relates so solvable systems in [statistical, many-body] mechanics etc. So you can get the wrong package easily.
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