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Mathematica question

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    A beginner to Mathematica's question:

    I try to make the following integration in mathematica 6 and I get back the same expression with the integration symbol next to it. Why?
    Integrate[exp[-k*z]*BesselJ[0, k*a]* BesselJ[1, k*a], {k, 0, Infinity}]

    Integrate[Sin[k], {k, 0, 1}] however gives the correct answer.

    Not that it matters, the equation comes in one of Jackson's problems and I have seen solutions on the net that seem to make a jump to the solution saying 'using Mathematica...'
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    Try correcting the expression. In particular, the Mathematica command for [itex]e^x[/itex] is

    Code (Text):
    and not

    Code (Text):
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