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Mathematica question

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    I have a function of two variables



    now i want to repeat this process by changing -2 to -1.99, then -1.98 all the way up to 0
    and storing values in a table, so i can later make a plot. I cant figure out how to repeat this process.
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    data = Table[Take[NestList[f, 0, 10], -2], {i, -2, 0, 0.01}]
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    Thts amazing! Im a bit intimidated by the fact you did in 2 seconds what i have been working on for the better part of an hour.
    can you tell me how i can plot this stored data using ListPlot ? to see what the relationship is between x and the y values
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    Whoops hit post 2 times!
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    Is "ListPlot[data]" not what you're looking for?

    And don't be intimidated, if you start using Mathematica a lot, Tables are a MAJOR component to using it well.
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