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Mathematica Question

  1. Sep 23, 2005 #1
    I have just started to use Mathematica, and was wondering how I can get the input to come up as symbols rather than just the command. For instance, when I integrate something:

    http://img398.imageshack.us/img398/9180/mathematica5tl.jpg [Broken]

    How can I get the input to come up as:


    Thanks in advance.
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    if you are typing it out at the time you do it you must use the commands. you have no way to type out an expression in symbolism for your input. AFAIK.
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    Alright, well is there a way to write up a paper (homework for instance) in Mathematica?
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    I recommend that you use LaTeX. It is much easier to write papers in, and especially so for math.

    go get MikTex if you are on windows, and then go to http://www.toolscenter.org/front_content.php to get the editor you need.

    all the latex documentation you need is available in the built in help system in texniccenter.
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    Ok thank you for your help.
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    Would using basicinput.nb and basictypesetting.nb help you in this matter? You would get a bit better presentability.
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    How do I use those?
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    You can choose them to be displayed from File->Palettes. Meant to help working in symbolic notation.
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    Choose Files, Palettes, Basic Input. A menu will pop up with the standard symbols. For your integral. Choose the integral. It will pop-up where the cursor is with boxes for input. Tab to those boxes and fill in the input. You should routinely run Mathematica with this pop-up window on the side so you can easily format equations in standard form.
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