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Hey all,

I'm trying to setup remote kernels via ssh to run numerics on my cluster via my laptop.

So far i've managed to get the laptop MM front end to connect via ssh to the cluster, but then it just hangs on the evaluation (after password entry). In the kernel config options I told it to launch 'math' rather than MathKernel, which is how the tutorial says to do it (math being the command line version so that at least makes sense).

It seems that math is launched on my cluster but then closes after a while. If i use putty to ssh in and use math it works fine so I'm a bit confused.

Could it be Mathematica's ssh keys causing the problem? I accepted the key thing when it came up so...yeah.

Any help would be...helpful =D

Update: after testing it on my friends Mac it seems to work from there (although his computer is on the same network as the cluster whereas my laptop was using wireless). Additionally, I tried from my home desktop which also failed similarly to my laptop. This makes me suspect it is either a windows problem or a network problem.

I think it is the latter as I tried to do a self ssh connect on the cluster and it worked (and if i turned off my ssh server the kernel died so it wasn't cheating locally)
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