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Mathematica: Second order PDE

  1. Dec 19, 2012 #1
    I am trying to solve the following second order PDE (copy that into mathematica):

    \*SubscriptBox[\(\[PartialD]\), \(x, t\)]\(\[Delta][x, t]\)\) + b \!\(
    \*SubscriptBox[\(\[PartialD]\), \(t\)]\(\[Delta][x, t]\)\) + a \!\(
    \*SubscriptBox[\(\[PartialD]\), \(\(x\)\(\ \)\)]\(\[Delta][x,
    t]\)\) == 0

    where a and b are (real) constants and x and t both run from 0 to infinity

    My bc is \[Delta][0, t] == k, where k is any (real) constant.
    My ic is \[Delta][x, 0] == 0.

    (Obviously there is a slight ambiguity going on there at x=0 at t=0.)

    Well.. I can't seem to do it using either DSOLVE or NDSOLVE

    Thanks in advance for any help,
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