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Mathematica7 by Wolfram

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    okay, this has to be the single most impressive piece of software ever created. i fooled around with it yesterday for about an hour before i was dragged away by my wife. my daughter's fiance (statisitical programmer) showed it to me, and the breadth of its abilities simply stunned me. by the time i got to the music generation pattern algorithms material, my tongue was lolling around like i had eplilepsy or something.

    for those of you who already know this software, i would love to hear what you might be doing with it.

    for those of you who do not know this software, you simply MUST check it out.


    the guy (wolfram) who wrote it is surely a wizard of the first order...
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    I'd hazard a guess that more than a few people will already have heard of Mathematica...
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    Yeah, it's awesome for drawing spiral sea-shells. what else can it do?
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    mgb - you must be joking. it would probably be easier if you were to try to think of something math related that it cannot do...
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    Mathematica is the most famous maths package - pointing it out on here is rather like asking if anyone in the engineering forum has seen this amazing new 'spanner' thing.

    You could also search for the mathematica vs maple threads (I didn't know there was a new version out)
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    Cool, I didn't know v7 was out.
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    Well, it can't make Stephen Wolfram not seem like an insufferable jumped-up little prick. Then again, I can't think of any conceivable piece of software that could...
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