Mathematical beauty

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  3. Interesting. Thanks for the link! I remember way back when my prof told me that 'this is art-beauty' while i myself don't seem to appreciate it. I work in CG industry and i find beauty not just in appearance but order/symmetry in complexity/chaos. I'm not even close to a mathematician but i fond beauty in math. Whenever i had a project. I rely mostly on principle and theory-math(form and color) aesthetically because i know it will always produce functional and beautiful result even if beauty is subjective.
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    I believe that anything neatly assembled from well proportioned parts, that functions well has beauty. Beauty is an association of appropriate concepts that work well together.
    People, families, teams, communities, trees, flowers, artworks, machines, buildings, mathematics, algorithms, electrical circuit diagrams, collections or classifications and much else can be beautiful.

    Beauty only requires one person with a brain that recognises the symmetry, elegant simplicity and completeness of an arrangement.

    To put it simply, where a concept fits pleasantly in our brain, it is beautiful. But, where something exotic is in the eye of the beholder, it should be flushed with a sterile eyewash. (OH&S).
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