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Mathematical formula of a human being

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    Mathematical formula of a human being (in biological terms (molecules, cell structures, cell arrangment, types of cells and their relations - natural laws by which human being is 'generated' etc))... (inspiration: fractals) (less complex formula giving structural information for everything inside a human being, even a limit to cell reproduction, which determines the lifespan of a human being...)

    ...Just any thoughts?...
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    That sounds interesting, but so complicated. I suppose you mean a model which, given a set of starting conditions will predict the state of the human as a function of time?

    You could start with a human being a particle, it will move if you exert a force, etc. Then you may improve the model to make it a set of 6 particles connected by light rods (head, arms, legs, body), and this will be more accurate; if you push one arm, the body will spin, for example.

    You might want to jump a few steps and create a particle for each cell, and connect them with strings, and leave some unconnected (eg. blood cells), and this will be even more accurate.

    But even then you could make it more realistic by considering individual atoms or subatomic particles. I suppose it would be possible!

    Although the system would be so complicated.. growth for example, food, and other things we don't even know about the human mind yet (what makes us do things seems random.. like what makes me write this: "gorrilla pentagon".. where did the words come from? I closed my eyes and thought of two words! But why those two?)

    Sorry Im not educated in this area (Im not even sure what area this is because I haven't talked about maths much) but I just thought I'd type something.

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    Mathematical formula of a human being? Which quantities exactly are you trying to relate? You definitely cannot come up with such a formula because a living being continuously interacts with its environment. So, a formula in which you plug in the initial values of a human being (whatever they are), cannot predict the future of the human, because you didnt take into account how the environment will effect the humans development. If you could somehow take into account everything that effects the human throughout his life, then you wouldnt just have a mathematical formula for the human you would have the Theory of Everything!
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    I believe this is possible (though, despite my lack of knowledge of it, I think it relies on the string theory and it's potential to be able to use it to predict what happens sub-atomically) though terribly difficult.
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    perhaps in the form of networks, or something analogize with computer programs.
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    The previous commentators talked about something else; I, on the other hand, had an initial physical constitution of a physical human being on my mind (not what he/she does) - and that's all.

    Kant actualy gave me an idea on how to explain it:
    imagine that there is a program that executes such formula - the final result would be a 3D bitmap model of a human being, with a property of being able to show all the details down to structure of atoms when magnifying a portion of such computer generated human...

    I think that DNA holds such MATHEMATICAL FUNCTION... Think about it - how else could a single molecule hold an information about an entire being...
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    All you want to do is essentially set up a human being as interacting charged fields under QED, and see where time evolution takes it.
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    ... and, of course, you need to add in the description all fields that your human interacts with (including other humans).
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    Yes. Although it seemed as if the original poster just wanted to work out what a single human being in isolation does. In an otherwise empty universe, the human being would probably explode into the vacuum.

    In any case, it is more than just DNA that is required, as the original poster suggests. As a simple example, you will need to understand how DNA synthesis occurs; this is essentially a QED process.
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    I think you have to define very clearly what you mean by a human being. Are you only interest in the physical component like the human body, because any dead guy can sufficed to learn the details of the human body. To me, human are much more than just biology, but about the intimate connection between biology and environment to product consciousness and awearness. Seriously, a mathematical function for the human body is nothing, but a mathematical function for consciousness is much more interesting.

    I am really letting myself go by using "mathematical function"(M.F) in a sentence. It i am correct, a M.F is define by the concept of mapping. For every F(r) in the range, there correspond to a one and only one r in the domain. The whole damn idea of M.F is too restrictive if we want something close that model consciousness. That is why i proposal the idea of net works and programs to allow flexibility.
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    Networks and programs can also be modeled using functions. Besides, a function does not need to be from reals to reals. It can also map multidimensional spaces, and those spaces need not be of ntuples of real numbers.
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    you are not generalizing my point enough, friend. My point is that the idea of function is not sufficient, and flexible enough to model or similate human consciousness or awearness. Humen constantly makes decision base on a "set" of external stimuli, and producting a "set" of possible responses. This is a "many input" to "many output" model where the correspondence is not clearly defined.

    I don t know what you are trying to get at here. You have to be more detail in your next post.
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