Mathematical Ideas

Mathematical Ideas

By: Miller, Heeren, Hornsby

Price: new $102.00 (Expanded 9th edition)

The Expanded 9th Edition contains:

Problem Solving
Set Theory
Numeration and Mathematical Systems
Number Theory
Real Numbers
Graphs and Functions
Systems of Equations and Inequalities
Counting Methods
Consumer Mathematics
Graph Theory
Voting and Apportionment

Pros: This textbook is designed primarily for education majors and so this book is less terse and easily understandable compared to some other general mathematics textbooks. It contains basic information about a variety of mathematical topics, making it ideal for a person who wishes to be well-rounded in general mathematics. Plenty of practice problems provide sufficient exercises for the mathematical mind. Every other page or so, the authors provide a biographical sketch of a famous mathematician or an interesting note about notation or history.

Cons: Because it is designed primarily for education majors, it lacks the depth that other mathematical textbooks have.

Overall: I would highly recommend this book for anybody interested in learning the basics of mathematics.

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