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Mathematical induction

  1. Mar 9, 2010 #1
    (a) Give a recursive definition of the set P of all non negative integers,
    (b) formulate the applicable induction principle and
    (c) then apply the induction principle to prove that 1/2^0+1/2^1+1/2^2....+1/2^i = 2-1/2^n for n>=0

    I have solved parts a and b and stuck on c

    (a) P is the smallest subset of R (Real numbers) such that 0 belongs to P and if k belongs to P then also k+1 belongs to P. Recursive definition

    (b) If a subset B of P is such that 0 belongs to B and if k belongs to B then also k+1 belongs to B, then subset B is equal to P. Induction principle

    (c) Proof:
    Step 1:
    Let B = {nā”‚ n belongs to P, 1/2^0+1/2^1+1/2^2ā€¦+1/2^n = 2-1/2^n}

    Step 2:
    0 belongs to B: 0 belongs to B because 1/2^0 =2- 1/2^0 Therefore 1 = 1

    Step 3:
    Let k belong to B, thus 1/2^0+1/2^1+1/2^2ā€¦+1/2^k = 2-1/2^k
    Is k+1 belong to B? I am stuck Here

    Any ideas?
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