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Programs MAthematical logic PHD

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    I cannot find any sort of comprehensive list of top schools in mathematical logic. It seems that U Wisconsin should be good, though I don't know if that is the case now that Barwise has passed. UC Berkeley is clearly a good school for logic. All of the places that show up are in Europe. I would not mind England or a Germanic country such as Switzerland, since I speak a decent bit of German and have plenty of time to brush up. Plus it seems that there are graduate courses conducted in English at Zurich.

    Honestly, as I sure it is the case with many people, I would rather stay in the U.S. That being the case, any info on Phd programs in logic in the U.S. other that the two I already mentioned, would be much appreciated.
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    to add to that list, Notre Dame and Rutgers are supposedly good in logic
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    Go through the Assistantships and Graduate Fellowships booklet and see which departments are awarding Ph.D's in logic. It might take awhile, but it would be the most comprehensive list.
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    Thanks, this is quite helpful.

    Do any of you know about the admissions standards for the Cambridge mathematics phd program as they compare to say, those of UC Berkeley?
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