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Mathematical methods in physics

  1. May 15, 2008 #1
    Lately a book for mathematical methods in physics is discussed on many topics. However, I couldn't find a sufficient answer for my specific problem.

    I took math. methods course while i was undergrad., I passed it quite successfully. Although, I did enjoy the course, I couldn't learn much on it. For instance, I can't even remember what sort of special functions one uses for a specific physical problem, or I can't solve a problem concerning fundamental fourier transform.

    Thus, this summer I want to reconstruct my knowledge on that field which I think is crucial for a graduate student.Since I'll be self studying,I need a very explanatory, didactic book and I don't know which book is the best in this case. I have bought Boas' book considering reviews around but I don't whether it is the best choice for my situation.
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