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Mathematical Modeling

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    How can we Mathematicaly model(Mechanical) a system which is in the form of cube.....like a box ....what are energy conservation equations set up for static and dynamic analysi.s.....
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    You need to provide more infromation. What are you modeling? What is the cube?
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    How big is big?

    You can't ask a general, sweeping question like that and expect a valid response. Like Integral said, if you have more detailed info on what you are doing we can help.
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    It would seem prudent to use the Cartesian coordinate system.

    And then one has to define the 'physical process(es)' being modeled. That will determine the equations to be used. For example, modeling static pressure requires a different set of equations than does temperature distribution at constant boundary conditions.

    For dynamic systems, varying pressure or temperature, the equations become more complicated.

    Modeling fluid and heat/energy transfer yet again requires more elaborate equations.
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    Actually we are going to model a cube which is made up of Honeycomb Sandwich Panel....We have to construct its Mathematical Model for Dynamic Analysis like Harmonic Analysis ,Transient Analysis,Modal Analysis & Random Vibtrtaional Analysis.....The cube is Hollow which will be used as accomodation for different electronic Subsystems like a Satellite Structure.....
    I need to get a useful literature which have some examples of modeling a cuboid structure for vibrational analysis
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