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<-Mathematical n00b

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    <------Mathematical n00b

    I just came across this site today. I am an Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering student. I just started Calc I a month ago. Just wanted to say and to see what this forum was like. Anyways, like I said, I am a math noob since im only in calc I so I'll be looking here for help when I get stumped. Cya around.
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    "Stay away from anti-people."

    that sounds like something an anti-person would say, btw.

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    I'm my own anti-person.
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    i think the tendency is to believe that no one out there has any answers to fundamental questions. in that sense, i am also an anti-person for i believe it incredible that anyone has any answers. is it that self-discovery is the only tool we really have to getting the answers? that people without cannot give us the answers?

    answers to what, you ask? well, i'd like answers to the following questions: what is the nature of myself? what is the nature of reality? what is the nature of God? those are my principle three goals right now; this is why i spend time on discussion forums, in the hope that others might possibly have the answers. i hope that my suspicion that no one has the answers is wrong, that i just haven't met the right people yet but someday will.

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    Okay, I'm not proud, I'll show my age. Exactly what is a "noob"?
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    i'm showing my age as well. it seems like noob is a neologism. i also pondered what this might be. i have guessed that it is short for noobie, as in new-be(ing).

    just a thought.

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    n00b definition

    lol! ok here ya go

    n00b pronounced noooob.
    n. Slang
    Short for newbie. One who is a neophyte, a beginner.

    sorry for my internet slang. I have been a multimedia designer by trade for the last few years so I dealt with internet geeks alot. Its ok my wife didnt know what it was either. Now she uses it in everyday conversations. Ha. It's becoming a part of american venacular.
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