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Programs Mathematical Physics PhD.

  1. Jun 17, 2009 #1

    I'm a undergraduate student in the last year of my Physics B.Sc. I've done a lot of Mathematics in a program at Ecole Polytechnique in France (Master 1 in Physics, european system). I would like to do my PhD in Mathematical Physics, I've studied some Statistical Mechanics and Exactly solvable systems, but I would like a program with others possibilites too. However I don't know which institutions are good.

    If you have any recomendations I would be very glad to hear them.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Aron, recently somethings I recently read about Stony Brook in New York made it sound like a good place for mathematical physics:

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    thanks a lot.
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    I've never been there but always thought the University of York seemed like a nice place to study mathematical physics: http://maths.york.ac.uk/www/Physics

    Do you want to study in America or Europe?
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    Hi AronH,

    Since you are at Ecole Polytechnique I reckon that you have a good level in mathematics. Wouldn't ENS (Ulm) be something for you then? I think they must have one of the strongest programs in Europe... Also, I know the University of Utrecht (that is in Holland) is very good in theoretical physics and they offer a MSc in Theoretical Physics.
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    ETH Zurich is also excellent.
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    I was considering study in America.
    But the places you have suggested seem a good option too. I will take a good look at them.
    Thank you!
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