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Mathematical Physics Text

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    I tried to read Classical Electrodynamics - 3rd Ed by J.D. Jackson cover to cover with the aim of working through all the homework problems. Problem: The math is too prohibitive. I need to drop that book for now and pick up a book on mathematical physics and go through that first. I'd like some recommendations for such a text. Thank you.

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    Even though I never had it, Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences by Boas is usually recommended.
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    Thanks. Much appreciated. Actually that is a text already on my list. I'm going to my old alma matta tommorow to pick up a few math-methods in physics text. I'd like to pick up a few of them to compare. Then I can decide which one to actually buy.

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    I don't know whether they are still in print but Butkov's book was a very good one as well as Arfken's. If you want to dig much deeper into the theory Whittaker and Watson is the classic.
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    Morse & Feshbach is the book that has them all. Trust me...

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    Tom Mattson

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    We spent a semester with Matthews and Walker before embarking on Jackson. It prepared us well for what was about to come up.
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    Hassani's book is also good for certain things at the graduate level.
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