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Mathematical Physics vs. Honours Physics vs. Physics and Astronomy

  1. Aug 22, 2012 #1
    Hi, I'm a Grade 12 student and I'm very interested in physics. I would like to apply to Waterloo University becasue of their renowned Co-op program, but they have the three types on Physics Undergraduate Degrees;

    Mathematical Physics: https://uwaterloo.ca/science/curren...ations/mathematical-physics-co-op-and-regular

    Honours Physics: https://uwaterloo.ca/science/curren...ializations/honours-physics-co-op-and-regular

    Physics And Astronomy: https://uwaterloo.ca/science/curren...-minors-specializations/physics-and-astronomy

    I was wondering if someone could explain the differences between these subjects, possibility of employment (in what fields), and experience with these courses (if possible).

    Thanks :)

    PS. For the record, I'm very interested in Quantum Theory, Nuclear Physics and Cosmology.
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