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Mathematical Physics

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    So i'm taking a class that's actually called techniques of theoretical physics. Basically, its applying math to physics. Topics we cover are: Vector Calc, Diff EQ, Linear Alg, and Fourier series, (i think, thats from memory.) problem is, the professor is insanely fast, the material is hard, and i don't have access to a book yet, (he failed to put on on reserve, and its currently checked out, and i don't have the funds for books this semester...) So, i'm already falling pretty badly behind, and i really need to catch up. We've been going over divs and curls and line and surface integrals and now we're on the delta function. Plus we've been working in all sorts of coordinate systems that i'm not used to. So i need to find a comprehensive but understandable resource to try and learn the material from. I've been to a few online websites, but i've had a hard time being able to follow them. Any recommendations?
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    While I can't vouche for it personally, ZapperZ recommended Mathematical Methods in the Physical Science by Boas. You may want to check out (at least) Part III of his series (check the sticky thread at the top this forum)
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    thats the book i need for class, but i can't afford it. and its checked out of the library. But if anyone has that and wants to scan my homework for me so i can do it, that'd be great!
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    Hope this helps...
    http://www.physics.miami.edu/nearing/mathmethods/" [Broken]
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    Have you checked Google books? You might be able to get some of it from there.
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    Unless Gale is good at hacking, there won't more than three or four pages shown. :rolleyes: I think you can delete cookies from your browser to view a few more.
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    On Amazon if you buy one book, you have the right to pretty much read a whole book with the "Search Inside" feature.
    I've bought numerous books so, Gale, if you find any particular book that looks interesting, and it has the "Search Inside" feature, I can save a couple of the pages for you if you want... (and e-mail them or something)

    James Nearing's book is pretty decent, however. :)
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    Wow, you're in trouble. I guess my comment about knowing most of the material before you go to get help was uninformed if you don't have a book.

    Actually I think you can get a copy from the library. I just checked their site and they have 2 of your books available, one of them you can check out and the other on reserve (assuming you mean the book by Mary L. Boas and not Merle C. Potter).
    Title search for "Mathematical Methods in the Physical Science" gets 3 results by Boas, only one of them is checked out.
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