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Quantum Mathematical QFT text

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    Are there any QFT books written from a mathematical perspective? Something in the same vain as V. Arnolds Mechanics and Takhtajan's QM.

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    George Jones

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    You might be interested in Quantum Field Theory: A Tourist Guide for Mathematicians by Gerald Folland


    Although Folland doesn't cover as much as physics texts such as Schwartz or Peskin and Schroeder, Folland does cover a lot more than most rigourous math books on quantum field theory. Folland uses mathematical rigour where possible, and where physicists' quantum field theory calculations have yet to be made mathematically rigourous, Folland states the mathematical difficulties, and then pushes through the physicists' calculations.

    I've been waiting for many years for someone to write this book, and now I don't have time to read it.
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