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Mathematical rules

  1. Oct 20, 2015 #1
    Hello, i just discovered this site and i love the work you guys are doing, helping people like me with math and physics etc.

    I was wondering if anyone knows a website / list / etc with math-rules, like algebra, logarithms, power, rules for differentiation, elasticity, substitution, sequence, fractions and so on?

    I would love a list with all the different rules, and am trying to avoid going through all my books to make it myself, so if anyone knows a good site / has a pdf or word document lying around i would love to know :)

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    I usually go to the wikipedia site for a general subfield (like logs or trig) to find a handy table with the familiar rules.
  4. Oct 20, 2015 #3
    And Kahn academy for a visual / verbal - even the Unis recommend them.
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    Ray Vickson

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    In my opinion, going through the books and making the list for yourself is the absolute best way to learn the material: it forces you to synthesis and ponder the material at a slow-enough pace that your mind has a chance to absorb it properly.
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    Thank you all for your fast replies.

    Kahn academy is great, and i use it often for practice, but i just need a list of the different mathematical rules for different topics, since i have an exam coming up within the next couple of months. I cant memorize all the rules so a list would come in handy.

    Thank you, i will definitely check it out, already found a pdf online of an old version.

    I will take this into consideration, but since time is limited and im a lazy bastard i might not get it done. Might take a look at the book recommended by jedishrfu and make my own list from there.

    Thank you all, i think i got the answers i needed :)

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    I want to second Ray Vickson's notion. That has personally worked for me. I make posters of general mathematics ideas and hang them in my room.
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    I've downloaded malmath app from play store & found it amazing
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