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Mathematical topics

  1. Aug 17, 2014 #1
    Hello, it is said that maths is the language of science, specifically physics. I am posting to ask which areas of mathematics are used in sections of physics.

    In a months time I will be studying:

    Solid state physics
    Thermal and statistical physics
    Maxwells equations, relativity and optics
    Image processing

    The areas of maths that im revising are:

    Partial differentiation
    Differential equations (ordinary and partial)
    Fourier series
    Vector calculus

    Are there any other areas that are used within these topics?
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    For Maxwell's equations (electrodynamics) in particular you should add multiple integration (line, surface and volume integrals); also, the vector differentiation operators (div, grad, curl) if they're not already included under your "partial differentiation" entry.
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    I would be greatly surprised if all these topics were not covered in "vector calculus".
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    Bleah. :yuck: After I saw "partial differentiation" I thought, "what about multivariable integration" and mentally skipped over "vector calculus" at the end.
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