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Mathematics careers

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    In applying for colleges they all require you to choose a major, while I know this doesn't bind you to that major, for UGA I chose "Mathematics" and I was just curious as to what careers you can go into with a math degree?

    More than likely I would switch to pre-med, but was just curious. Will probably do mechanical engineering at any other school but UGA (oddly, for a school its size) has no engineering program.

    Thank you.
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    Grad school seems to be a general route (for anything really since math majors have analytical skills to pursue medicine, law, MBA, etc.). However, if the economy were better, you could be working for investment banks (contrary to popular perception, they still exist) and make 300k+ to make even more complicated derivative pricing instruments (i.e. financial models for securities "derived" from real products).
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    Awesome thank you, sorry for the slow reply.

    So mathematics would be a fine major if I plan to go to medical school? :smile:
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    As long as you do all the pre-med requirements (i.e. some biology, chemistry, physics, and MCAT), you can major in whatever you want to go to a med school. I think math might be a good one because it shows you have a really good analytical skill :)
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