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Mathematics classes for MHD/Plasma Physics(maybe Fusion)

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    Hello all,

    I am wondering if I could get some advice from people who have done MHD/Plasma Physics (or even better, went to do something like 'MSc in Fusion Energy' which is offered by York University). Ideally I would like to work somewhere with fusion energy (although it is vastly dominated by engineers...)

    I am a third year undergraduate doing a joint degree in Physics and Mathematics. The courses from Mathematics I can choose(Physics courses are compulsory) to do are:
    Topology and Metric Spaces(SM1) 2cr
    Analysis and Differentiation (pre-requisite for Complex analysis) 1cr
    Mathematical Methods(basically DE's)(SM1) 2cr
    Algebra(SM2) 2cr
    Some Dynamics courses (SM2)3cr
    Some 'Project skill course' 1cr

    The problem is, due to credit restrictions, I am only allowed to take a certain amount of courses.
    I need to have 6cr in total. Now, I would love to take Topology and Metric Spaces course, but I would have to drop the two analysis courses (I am not sure to what extent I would use Complex Analysis taught by a Maths department, although I was told that I would need a good amount of Complex Analysis in any branch of physics to do with particles).

    Thank you for your time.
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