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Mathematics for business

  1. Sep 16, 2009 #1
    I am wanting to know what are some of the most relevant branches of advanced mathematics for business applications. I know that for starters I should study calculus and statistics, but beyond these foundational subjects I don't know what else I should study. My current mathematical ability is first semester calculus.
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    Calculus up through multiple variables is probably of some value. Statistics is certainly of great value. Many of the applications could be made easier with a solid grounding in Linear Algebra. Differential Equations are very valuable for creating mathematical models for patterns and effects from the real world, as would be any classes specifically in Mathematical Modeling. Probably the most important field would be statistics.

    It might be helpful if you let people know what particular field of business you're interested in.
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    Probability is HUGE especially if you are a finance major. Calculus based Statistics will help you out a lot as well. Most likely if you are a business major the Stat book will just gloss over how the various distributions actually work and will take a more just know what to plug and chug approach. This does little for actually knowing how these these things work and which one works best for whatever situation you are trying to model.
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