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Mathematics for CS graduate programs

  1. Apr 27, 2012 #1
    Hi guys. I'm a freshman computer science major just finishing up discrete math and calculus I. I am strongly considering graduate school as an option, which I am sure is quite a bit more math-intensive than undergrad is (which obviously doesn't stress theory as much). Right now, my is to take calc II and III, linear algebra, ODEs, discrete math II, real analysis, some sort of computational math course, and maybe PDEs or a higher-level course like abstract algebra. What is an appropriate number of math courses to have for, say a top 20 CS graduate program? The actual math requirements for the computer science major at my school are fairly meager, so deciding to take all these extra math courses would obviously be a pretty big commitment (hopefully I won't have to stay here for more than four years). Is this more than I need? Thanks.
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