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Mathematics forums

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    Is there a mathematics analog of PF? I am a member of http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/ but the purpose of that forum is a bit different. I have been a member of several other mathematics forums in the past and none of them seemed close to the high quality of PF (for example, the homework helpers were always grumpy and sometimes insulting when I missed something obvious).
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    I'd say PF was a maths forum and a physics forum-- after all, we have a lot of competent mathematicians here, as well as physicists.
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    Yeah, there are plenty of math sub-forums here just for mathematicians, and also engineering and programming. The name "Physics forums" is kind of misleading, but then again, it is geared towards physics, so that's about as appropriate a name as you will get.
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    Physics is mostly maths anyway, so good mathematicians come with the territory.
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    Physics is still different than math. I haven't had to learn or do a formal proof in my life, and I'm almost ready to graduate.
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    I once got into trouble for saying what's the point of learning proofs, if you're not really going to use them in the degree. :smile:

    Yeah I don't mean to say physics isn't different, it's just I think most people in physics are pretty competent mathematicians anyway if not maths gurus, and well like attracts like.
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    You could try the xkcd sub forum for math.
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    Speaking of the math subforums, does anyone know what happened to Matt Grime?
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    And so begins another one of THESE conversations...:rolleyes:
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    Not really. As far as I can tell, we're done. He made a compromise and I agree to it.
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    Maths is as much of a tool to physics as breathing is to staying alive...

    What about PlanetMath?
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    No we're not, I didn't compromise I just further elucidated. :wink:smile:
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