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Mathematics Graduate School Question

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    I have a small dilemma about my applications to Mathematics Ph.D. programs. I would greatly appreciate any advice.

    My dilemma relates to the Math Subject GRE. I took the test in early November, and was not feeling especially well so my scores suffered. I scored a 630 (48th percentile). A number of schools I am applying to require the subject score. However, there are other schools who either "Recommend" or "Do Not Require" the subject score.

    My dilemma is this: I obviously have to send the subject score in to schools that require it, but would sending in my score to schools that "Recommend" or "Do Not Require" the subject score help or hurt my application?

    Here is the rest of my application, for reference:

    GRE General Scores: 800Q 710V 4.5AW

    Research Experience: 2 Semester research project in linear algebra at my school, presented at a number of conferences (MathFest, JMM, etc). REU at an institution that is not my home institution (project dealt with modeling traffic flow).

    Letters of Recommendation: One from each of my research supervisors, and one from a teacher who taught me 2 semesters of abstract algebra (I got an A in both semesters).


    Physics - Kinematics (B)
    Physics - E & M (A-)
    Intro to Computer Science (A)
    BC Calculus (5)
    Multivariable Calc (B)
    Transition to Abstract Math (A)
    Linear Algebra (A)
    Differential Equations (A)
    Abstract Algebra I (A)
    Numerical Analysis (A)
    Abstract Algebra II - Galois Theory (A)
    Real Analysis (A)
    Probabilty (Calc-Based) - (A)
    Complex Analysis - Spring 2009
    Statistics - Spring 2009
    Introduction to Topology - Spring 2009

    This works out to around a 3.8 GPA for my major courses (my grades in my non-major courses are about the same).

    I attend a fairly small, liberal arts school (about 3000 undergrads) that has a fairly strong academic reputation.

    Again, I would greatly appreciate any advice:

    For reference, the schools I am planning on applying to are:

    Texas, Northwestern, Georgia, Clemson, NC State, UNC-Chapel Hill, and Duke
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